Sticks and Stones

What work!  Last weekend, after getting started on the tree, there was quite literally a yard full of limbs, branches and sticks.  So Saturday we went outside to tackle that before we could continue with any more tree removal.  We had also posted an ad on craigslist looking for free red flagstone for the patio we want, and someone responded saying if you come take it, it’s yours.  So Rick headed over there to check it out.  He returned three times with our neighbor’s truck with loads of awesome big, thick pieces of sandstone.  Perfect pieces.  And enough to do the patio!

Notice all these branches? They are now in 11 neat piles.

At the end of the day we estimate that Rick moved a ton and a half to two tons of stone, twice (once loading and once unloading), by himself.  And I had cut up all the branches and sticks into piles – eleven piles, all around the yard.  We’re only about a third of the way done with the tree yet.  Yow.  I so wanted a picture of all this to show you, but our camera, I think, is finally dead.  So it’s getting added to the list of things to buy before the new baby arrives.

Sunday, as you might guess, Rick and I were both stiff and sore – it was a lot of work.  Rick told Henry that he carried [the equivalent to] two elephants and Henry’s eyes turned into saucers and he was speechless.  Wow.  We decided to take it easier on Sunday.  No adding more branches tot he ground.  Instead, we scavenged the business park by Rick’s work for pallets, built a second compost bin and put the pedals back on Henry’s bike.

All in all, a great weekend.  Here’s the stats for the week…

Plant something – started some leeks inside, got seed potatoes in the mail, but not in the ground yet.

Harvest something – 21 eggs, a tiny bit of spinach.

Preserve something – nothing

Waste Not – compost and recycling, scraps to chickens, etc.  Rick also scavenged some parts for the grill.  We were driving through the industrial area by his work on Sunday and there was a grill out on the curb for the trash.  He looked inside and was able to take the ignition, burner, heat plate thingy and upper rack – all parts that had not been working properly or close to wearing out on our own grill.  He’d actually been to several stores last summer and searched online for the burner and the heat plate thing and was unable to find them… so score!

Want Not – Made a second compost bin out of scavenged pallets.  Also, after the bin was built, I peeked into the current (full) pile and found it to be HOT and doing it’s thing!  Yay!  And the stone of course.

Build Community Food Systems – Neighbor asked us about helping him build a smaller, barrel type compost bin.  He’s totally converting.  This makes me glad!  😉 Otherwise, arranged to sell some eggs.  That’s all.

Eat the Food – ate some black bean tortilla soup using ingredients from the freezer.  Elk twice this week too.  Lots of greens from the store though – I’m so ready for our own!

What did you do on your homestead?


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4 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones

  1. We’ve been selling eggs now in order to pay for their food, and then we consider our eggs “free” I’m in the process of making a similar pallet composter, but first I need to get rid of the done compost…but first I have to build the new beds…arg…I’m glad someone is accomplishing something outside right now…

  2. Anisa

    LOL CitySister – I TOTALLY get that. All that stone is now stacked in our driveway (I just realized you can see it in the video of Henry on his bike). We can’t use it until we have the base material for the patio. And we can’t get/use any of that until the tree is cut down. I’m constantly getting ahead of myself on projects… constantly.

  3. Love the way that you organize the post – I would really do more if I had to think of that way each week! Thanks for linking up with my blog party.

    • Anisa

      Thanks Lara – and thanks for letting me link to your blog carnival.
      I wish I could claim the organization for this post, but I really can’t. Sharon Astyk, blogger and author, has done an Independence Days challenge every year, and it includes documenting your journey towards independence in this way. Her link is in my Homesteading bloggers on the right. I love it though – it’s interesting to see what you are actually doing and how the small steps add up!

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