Going Batty

Click to EnlargeSo I found this interesting article yesterday in the paper!  Yesterday I was reading the Sunday Denver Post (a rarity for me), and I found this great story about a high school student, Rex Morgan, trying to earn his Eagle Scout badge using bats!  (Click here to read the article). His idea was to build bat houses to attract bats to eat the West Nile carrying mosquitoes in Weld County. 

The best part of the article is that it included this plan for building your own bat house!  This is something I’ve been hinting at Rick doing for a looong time now (since before we ever got chickens).  But armed with an easy to read plan, and the first hand bat catching experience of last week, I just may get one! 

Bats are so cool.  First off, they can eat more than their body weight in mosquitos and other insects.  Second… well they’re cute.  And third, I LOVE seeing them swooping around on summer evenings. 

I know just the place for the house too.  On the east side of our garage.  I’m so excited!!  I’ve seen a few bats over the years in our neighborhood.  I’m hoping our bat house will attract a few more!! 

Bats have gotten a bad rap due to movies and vampire legends.  But really, they are so helpful!  I once read somewhere that a small bat can eat 1200 insects in one hour!  Holy Schmokes!  If that’s not someone you want hanging around your summer evening barbecue, I don’t know who is.  And, their guano makes great fertilizer for the garden. 

Just another way to be pesticide free and solve a problem.  Three cheers to Rex Morgan for his green thinking, and cheers to the Denver Post for publishing a story about it!  We need to hear more about people thinking of natural ways to solve problems.  Hooray! 


Picture from http://www.denverpost.com.   For more info on bats, check out http://www.batcon.org

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