The List: one more down!

Well – another item crossed off the list!  Rick bought his bike Friday, and he really picked out something awesome… I had a twinge of jealously, I must admit. 

He got a nice bonus at work this quarter and decided to finally upgrade from his 12 year old + Diamondback that he’s been riding to and from work.  This steel workhorse was at least three sizes too small for him (heck, it was smaller than MY bike), and weighed more than my bike with Henry in the trailer attached to it!  No joking. 

So, I was happy for him when he decided to spend the money for the better components, lightweight aluminum frame and comfortable ride of the Gary Fisher Marlin.  That’s the pic up there in the thumbnail.  Yay for him! 

Also, if you’ve been watching my list, you’ll notice that I changed a couple of items in the “Travel” section.  I was thinking about what I really want in the next 2.75 years and I felt like a month in Europe was not something I wanted to do while Henry was under 5 years old.  And there are a lot of things in THIS state that I’ve never seen (and I’m a native!!).  So, since the rules never said anything about changing your goals, I did a little editing.  🙂

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One thought on “The List: one more down!

  1. Tawnya

    Maybe we can go to the Sand Dunes together. It’s down by my parents so if we didn’t want to camp, we could stay with them!

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