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If you didn’t know it, love to read.  I’m always reading something.  Lately I was able to score a couple of good finds at the library, which is somewhat unusual, since our branch is pretty small.  But yesterday I checked out City Farmer by Lorraine Johnson and Better Off by Eric Brende.

I’m really excited about both of these books.  I borrowed Better Off so I could read along with Crunchy Chicken‘s upcoming book club.  Before I could even start it, Rick had snatched it up and read half of it last night.  I grumbled about waiting my turn as I cracked open City Farmer.

What a surprise – I was laughing during the first paragraph and the first two chapters were just as entertaining.  The book looks like it’s going to be a great read.  I’ll keep you updated on both books as I finish them.

In the meantime, here are a few other good reads when it comes to food, sustainability and the future.


What are you reading?  What are your favorite books on gardening, urban homesteading and the like?

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4 thoughts on “On the Bookshelf

  1. We read “Better Off” several years ago when it first came out (the author is from our town) and it make a big impact on us. Hope you enjoy it!

  2. Anisa

    Cool Michelle – I hear he sells soap now?

  3. Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food is a great read! I wish more people would read up on these topics. Thanks for putting it out there!

    • Anisa

      Read and Do! I wish people would read and be inspired to make changes (even small ones) in their own lives.

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