20 Weeks: Kitchen Glasses Organized!

This week I organized the kitchen glasses cupboard.  Unfortunately, this is a picture-less post since I never took a ‘before’ picture and my camera is not working for the ‘after’ shot.

This cupboard was the one that held our drinking glasses, the kids’ sippy cups, our travel coffee mugs, the regular coffee mugs and countless water bottles.  The water bottles were a MESS!  They took up a ton of space and a lot of them were no longer being used (the non-BPA free Nalgenes, for example).  So we took them out completely.  I lowered the top shelf making a bit more room up there for our aluminum bottles and travel mugs with all their lids.

Next I cleaned out any coffee mugs that I didn’t like using or looking at.  To the Goodwill they went!  And the center shelf is now left with just the mugs I love.

The bottom shelf was a lot easier.  We actually have a shortage of drinking glasses due to a lot of them being broken over the years without being replaced because I can’t find any I like.  So this shelf was mostly just improved by me taking out the sippy cup pieces that didn’t have matches.  But it’s all neat and organized in there now.  We can actually find what we’re looking for!

After all of that, I kind of expanded into cleaning out the coffee cabinet next-door to the glasses cabinet.  It was easy to do since there were a few coffee cups lurking in there (my favorites).  And since I moved them over with their friends where they belonged, space was freed up in there for all our teas.  So coffee and tea are now together.  The tea moved over from across the kitchen, near the stove and I was able to stash a few glass mixing bowls up there, giving me a head start on another item on the list, the lower kitchen appliance cabinet.  That cabinet is so bad and such a big project, that I didn’t dare tackle it this week, but at least I got a few bowls out of the way for when I do.

What did you organize this week?  Where and how do you store your coffee supplies?  Any tricks to share?

To see what I’ve done in the last five weeks, check out my other 20 Weeks posts!

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