Bee Birthday and Easy Mason Jar Drink Lids (with Tutorial)

This weekend we celebrated C’s first birthday.  I ordered cupcakes from a wonderful, local, all- organic bakery that makes a to-die-for flavor called “Bee-titude.”  It’s a lavender cupcake with honey-lemon butter cream frosting, and it was the inspiration for C’s party theme: honey bee.  The party colors were yellow and lavender, and it turns out that this was a really fun theme to put together.

I also made a few discoveries for decorating this party that eased the green-guilt that sometimes comes along with me decorating.  I found spools of colored tulle at the craft store that I can easily roll up and reuse for another occasion instead of the crêpe paper streamers I usually use.  And I bought two yards of inexpensive broadcloth for the table-cloth that would match the party theme.

I used various glass plates and jars to decorate and filled a vase with lavender and chamomile flowers.

I have a gorgeous bee skep-shaped drink dispenser that my mom bought me for Christmas last year and I filled it with honey-lavender lemonade.  I was surprised that the lavender flowers turned the lemonade pink!

And I used my canning jars as glasses.  Pints for the adults with ribbons and tags to write names on, and half-pints with lids for the kids.  And here was my eureka moment.  Ball jelly jars are durable and their lids don’t leak.  And I used a HOLE-PUNCH to make them into drink lids.

Here’s how:

First I traced old jar lids onto patterned paper and then cut out the circles.

I used double-sided tape to stick the paper to the top of the lid.

Then I used a regular old hole-punch to punch holes in the tops of the lids.  This was surprisingly easy.  I did it with one hand and minimal effort.  The punch still worked great on about twenty paper tags after punching six lids.

I used a cheapy plastic straws with about an inch cut off the end to make the kids’ tumblers complete.

Not a single jar got broken between six, three- to seven-year-olds.  They even took them outside.  I wrote each kiddo’s name on the top of their jar, so there were no mix-ups.  It was really easy and completely free, since I had all these supplies lying around the house.  Henry even helped cut out the circles.

I plan to just swap out the paper circles and straws for the next party.

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15 thoughts on “Bee Birthday and Easy Mason Jar Drink Lids (with Tutorial)

  1. Love the drink dispenser … and the mason jar lids … inspired!

  2. I wish I had a girl, so I could use this theme!!! Maybe I’ll use it for a summer party:) Thanks for posting!

  3. adorable ideas! I just threw a bee themed baby shower this weekend…could have used some of these tips. Will have to borrow them for my next bee themed party. That lemonade sounds out of this world!

    ps: LOVE the drink dispenser…

  4. hmk71

    Lovely! I made a cake that looked like a bee hive for eldest daughters party a few years ago, and youngest is now keen to have the same cake- I can pinch some of your ideas to have a complete ‘bee’ party.

    Would never have thought of the hole punch. Brilliant!

  5. Jamie

    What a great idea!!! You are one creative cookie!!! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Another GENIUS idea I will be stealing– er, I mean borrowing– at my house. The tulle is a great idea, too.

  7. I heard about your brilliant idea with the glasses even before anyone told me about the yummy cupcake. 🙂 We’re planning on doing this too!

  8. Super cute! I love the bee theme the the mason jar covers!

  9. I love the Honey Bee theme! I have a 1 and 9 year old birthday to plan for next month, so thanks for all the great ideas. We love Honey Bees and all the wonderful things they pollinate, including all the clover we leave for them…….which gives me a great idea-clover necklaces!

  10. I love you DIY approach to life, I nominated you for the Inspiring Blog award. Check it out here: 🙂

  11. That mason jar drinking glass is GENIUS. I’ve been wanting to throw away my daughter’s plastic sippy cups, and this would make a perfect replacement. Thank you!

  12. Awesome idea with mason jars. I get these for free all the time because epeople want to get rid of them. I use them for vases, food storage and gift boxes, even cookie tines. Now I have another use them! I also buy the plastic white lids that fit them. Just like you I try to reuse everything.

    If you ever decide to put hot liquids in themI cut the toe of a kids sock and slide it on it makes it easier to hold. I found plastic lids on amazon that pop open to drink my coffee.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

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  14. Donna

    Oh my gosh…..what a CUTE party! I need to convince my 4 year old to have a bumble bee party!

  15. Woo, awesome:)

    My daughter loves mason jars, so I recently ordered a drink dispensers with four mason jars.

    But next time will definitely going to try this. Thanks for sharing this tutorial.


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