Free the Chickens!

As promised, here is the video that we participated in making to help get Denver’s laws changed to allow chickens.  Sadly the editor misspelled our name, but I think the point is still there.  😉  Please share with your friends to help raise awareness on this issue.

To learn more about how you can help, go to

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8 thoughts on “Free the Chickens!

  1. It just got passed in 2010 here in Cedar Rapids Iowa to let us have chickens. I love your video and thought you were great in it! I will be getting chickens this spring and can’t wait!

  2. I love how our town’s law is all about no rhinos, pigs, bears, elephants, or jaguars, but nothing about chickens. Our 11 live happily only a few blocks away from the Governor, and he hasn’t said anything yet.

  3. Great video, Anisa. My town allows them, but a lot of CC&R’s don’t. However, I learned that after 40 years your CC&R’s expire. Yippee!! I got chickens when our house was 41. Keep up the good work.

  4. Anisa

    Yeah, we’re lucky too since we live outside of Denver, but I have lots of friends we’re hoping the laws get changed for!

  5. We had chickens in Denver – as far as I’m aware, it is already legal – you just need an expensive permit to keep them, which completely destroys any savings from a year of free eggs.

    • Anisa

      It is legal to keep them in Denver, but the permitting process is burdensome, expensive and outdated. That’s why they said in the video that the chickens “weren’t illegal, but undocumented.” The permit laws are what Denver Urban Homesteading and others are working to get changed. In other municipalities, there is no permitting process what-so-ever.

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