2012 Resolutions Revisited

It’s the winter solstice.  The days are going to get longer and spring is on the way.  2012, you have gone by so quickly.

Around this time last year I set out a few resolutions for 2012.  Here’s a recap of what those were:

  1. Grow a giant pumpkin. 
  2. Grow enough in our own neighborhood gardens to feed ourselves for the summer.
  3. Process chickens.  
  4. Harvest Honey. 
  5. Start a monthly potluck circle.

So how did we do with those?  Well, we tried to grow the pumpkin.  We planted it, we watered it, we fed it compost tea.  But it only got to about the size of a volley ball.  So next year, we will have to try again.

Number two, well… not quite yet.  We’ll keep on that road.  We did process chickens this year, as well as harvest our own honey, though.


The potluck.  We started the monthly potluck in February.  We have hosted one every month since then except in June (kids were all sick) and November (we were out of town, hunting).  And this is one resolution we are definitely keeping up with.

I’m still thinking over what my resolutions for the new year will be.  Do you have any resolutions for yourself yet?  How about ideas for me?  Something you want to see me try?

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6 thoughts on “2012 Resolutions Revisited

  1. rocksandlogs

    Nice roundup for 2012 🙂

    Was reading about worm castings over here at http://www.reddit.com/r/gardening/comments/1585i9/my_experiment_with_worm_castings/

    Might be helpful with that giant pumpkin in 2013?

  2. Didn’t even give it a thought – but I am going to start writing a list. Not sure if i will be harvesting my own honey, but this gives me some ideas. Thanks!

  3. The monthly potluck sounds like a fun thing. How do you organize it? Do you invite a different group of people each month? Also, how many families do you think is manageable yet gives enough variety of food. We have a fairly big place (by city standards) so we could probably go pretty big. Also, do you have someone bring disposable dishes or do you provide your own (we have no dishwasher, which is why I ask. :D)? Thanks.

  4. Your honey is gorgeous! I especially appreciate #5. 🙂

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  6. alliegator321

    I’m going to try bees again this year. We killed them off two years ago, but I think we have a better idea on how to avoid that…

    I’m hoping to get mushroom spawn and inoculate my own logs to grow my own mushrooms.

    I’m also going to be setting up a new garden from scratch, so that’s going to be my main focus this year.

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