September Garden Photo Tour

Time for a garden update!  I’ve had a particularly good year in the garden this year.  It’s not been without failures, but overall, I’m pretty happy.

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I really feel like the new bed layout has done wonders for our little crops.  They’ve gotten more sun, the drip system has given them more consistent water and, as you can see by the GIANT tomatoes, they are loving it.

We’ve pulled the beets, garlic, and a few other crops, spread some finished compost and have room to start more crops.  Rotation plans are in the works for next spring.

I even peeped over the neighbor’s fence (the other neighbors).  They moved in this spring, in the rental tri-plex unit next-door.  And two of the households worked together to plant a huge garden in a tiny strip of dirt.  I’ve been so impressed with their hard work!

Want to show off your homestead?  Denver Botanic Gardens is still looking for entries for the upcoming 2012 Urban Homestead Tour on Saturday, September 22 from 10am to 4pm.  Click here for an entry form.

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6 thoughts on “September Garden Photo Tour

  1. Christina

    how fun! I LOVE seeing other people’s gardens. Especially since i’m trying to learn a lot more about gardening than i’ve known in the past! :O) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! Wonderful.

  3. Cymthia on Denver

    WOW!!! Crazy corn!!! Looks Amazing! My corn got all of 2 feet tall. :/ Thank God for zucchini. Nobody can feel like a total failure with that garden weed!! Pulling off 2 zuks a day!!!

  4. I love seeing other people’s gardens too. I wish I could grow corn!

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