The Top Ten Posts of 2011

If I hosted an awards show for my blog, the ten 2011 posts that I would give an award to would be pretty hard to pick.  My blogging grew a lot this year.  I went from barely writing in January to really getting committed in April.  We had a lot going on, from crazy experiments to having a baby and getting the house organized.  So in a miss-mash of ten categories, here are the results from 2011 on this here blog.

Best DIY postDIY Pallet Compost Bin – lots of hits on this one, all year.  I think I took great photos and I’m happy with the bins.

The most practical postHow to Peel an Acorn Squash – Who knew this was a universally tough squash for people to peel?

The most shared postOccupy Denver – I’m a little surprised at this one.

Post with the most comments20 Weeks: The Boys Closet – Cleaned! – Apparently, I’m not the only mom trying to keep their kids’ stuff organized!

Post that was hardest for me to push the “Publish” button onConquering Fears: Homeschooling, Josie and Postpartum Depression

Biggest epiphany of the year: Garden Layout and Crop Rotation – Duh!

The most popular post of all-timeHandmade Halloween – Garden Gnome Tutorial pulled ahead this year in October, beating out the former all-time most popular post since 2009, Thrifty Thursday: DIY Garden Gate.

The most overlooked post of 2011:  it’s a tie between Photo Friday: Putting in the Bees and Thursday Tip: Tomato Tags.  I got hardly any hits on either one.  The bee photos were just plain cool, and I thought the tip about zip-tying tags to tomato cages was brilliant.  It worked great this year, by the way.

The 2011 post I’m most proud of:  Unplugging the Fridge: Cost vs. Inconvenience and Project Review – Some of the math gets fuzzy before I suss it out properly in the comments.  But bottom line is, without a fridge, we’re saving about 30% on our electricity bill, give or take.

The most popular post of 2011Gardening and Culture: Are Food Gardens Just for the Poor?

Which posts did you like best?  Rick liked all the ones where I talked about cutting down the tree – but that saga was just too long to get an award from me.  😉

What are you hoping to see more of here in 2012?  Chickens?  Bees?  Canning?  Gardening?  The kids (Mom)?  Recipes?  Organizing?  Crazy Experiments?  Anything you want me to cut down on (I make no promises on the crazy)?

Have a safe and happy holiday ringing in 2012!

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3 thoughts on “The Top Ten Posts of 2011

  1. The bee one was actually one of my favorites! I was just not “bloggy” yet so didn’t comment. I was lurking. 😉

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