Thrifty Thursday: DIY Garden Gate

Since I’m still on the DIY kick, I thought I’d share about one of our most complimented DIY projects, our garden gate.  Our veggie garden is technically in our front yard.  Rick wanted to put up a fence so that people couldn’t just come steal our veggies, so of course, I insisted it be cute.  🙂

I looked all over the web for designs I liked and came up with this one, shown on the left, from this site: The plan cost $3.95 to download.

gardenWe bought it, and the supplies we needed.  Rick made a few modifications to the plan to accommodate the tools he has in the garage.  This is how it turned out (note that this pic is from August 2007, and I was too lazy to go take a fresh picture).  As you can see it’s a bit different than the plan, but I love how it turned out, and it looks really great from the curb.   I think Rick built it that summer, or maybe the summer of 2006?

It’s made from cedar, and because we built it so long ago, I can’t remember the cost at all.  But I do know that it was WAY less expensive then anything we could have bought pre-fab at the store.  And it was built to last.  Here’s a picture of the gate from May last year.

It still looks great.  This year, I plan to add another coat of stain, just for added protection, and one of the balls on the posts is cracked and may need to be replaced.  But over all it was a great project, and simple to do yourself.

If you’re landscaping or doing any kind of home improvement, don’t be afraid to go searching on the web for instructions on how to do it yourself.  Sometimes the payoff is great!

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