Independence Days – Week 2

Plant Something  – Rick replanted the skips in our spinach, lettuce and radish rows.  And we have a radish thief… one of the hens keeps jumping the fence and stealing the seeds.  It may be time to clip their wings.  😉

Harvest Something  – Eggs!  Each day we get 2 to 3 eggs from our adult hens.  I was being quite miserly with our egg consumption this week, so the cartons are full!

Preserve Something – I’ve picked some raspberry leaves to dry.  I’m going to try to make raspberry leaf tea from them instead of buying the stuff.  Never tried this before!

Reduce Waste – normal recycling, composting, feeding scraps to the chickens, etc.  Nothing new to add to this category this week. 

Preparation and Storage – We’re looking into getting another freezer.  We may get it for ourselves so we can harvest a buffalo this year, or we may get it and give/resell it to another family who needs it.  We’ll see on this.  It’s not done this week though, so it may not quite count.  😉

Build Community Food Systems – Does this count?  I gave gifts to my friends and cousin for my baby shower.  It was a bee themed shower, so their gifts included honey from local farms and bees wax candles from local artisans. 

Eat the Food – I know this is bad, but I FINALLY broke into the frozen pablanos.  We had four bushels of roasted chiles from last September.  Half Anaheims and half pablanos.  I just didn’t know what to do with the pablanos.  But I braved it, and they were so good.  Glad we have more to eat, but I’m wishing we had started eating them sooner!

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