Independence Days – Week 1

AsparagusPlant Something  – this week a lot of planting happened.  We planted our ten tomato plants and all the squash, turnips, carrots, onions and cucumbers.  🙂 

Harvest Something  – Asparagus!  Rick estimated that I grabbed twenty pounds from the CSA…

Preserve Something – Um… asparagus.  It’s mostly all in the freezer now.  After weighing it all out, it was 20 lbs, 8 ounces!  Good guess by Rick!

Reduce Waste – 6 pounds of that asparagus went into the compost pile… it was the woody parts that you have to pick so the patch keeps growing, but that are too woody to eat!  We also put some leaves from the neighbor’s tree last fall into the chicken coop this week instead of using new shavings. 

Preparation and Storage– Rick defrosted the big freezer in the garage.  We kept the meat in coolers while we let it go, and then back into the freezer it went.  It was a good time to inventory what was left… green chiles any one??

Build Community Food Systems – This week I did some work for the Chamber of Commerce to spread the word about Englewood’s new Farmer’s Market! 

Eat the Food– ok… asparagus again.  But we also have been eating our way through our hog, and getting the freezer emptied for the coming harvests!

Not bad for the first week.  But I’m not sure how the next few weeks will go as the garden is getting going.  For now, I think I’ll post my updates on Fridays.  This way I’ll have the weekend and the whole week to get something from each category done.  Stay tuned!

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3 thoughts on “Independence Days – Week 1

  1. Just curious…how are you preserving the asparagus? KJ

  2. Anisa

    We used the FoodSaver. So it get’s trimmed, rinsed, dried, and vacuum sealed in one pound packages. 🙂 They come out nice and crisp when they are defrosted.

    There’s a couple of pickling recipes floating around the CSA, but I was too lazy to try any of them. 😉

  3. Anisa

    Oh! It should be blanched before freezing!

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