Thrifty Thursday: Habitat for Humanity Outlet

Well, since I’ve been on the project kick so bad, I wanted to share this week about a great DIY store that Genny once told me about… the Habitat for Humanity Home Improvement Outlet!  (this links to the Denver-Metro outlet stores). 

This place is great because, not only can you find awesome deals (a brand new bathtub for $85?!?!), on all kinds of building and home improvement supplies, but 100% of the proceeds go back into Habitat’s home-building program.

Here’s a link to Habitat’s website that lists other “Re-Stores” in the U.S. incase you don’t live in Colorado…

Check in with Katie Jean to see what tips she has this week!

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One thought on “Thrifty Thursday: Habitat for Humanity Outlet

  1. i heard about this place when we first moved here and when i was wanting to donate my time to helping build a house for families (need to put that back on my list since i will have a lot of time soon). let me know when/if you visit again, would love to tag along! ♥and hugs, rach

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