20 Weeks: Seed Storage

This week in my 20 Week Organization Challenge, I decided to organize my seed storage, in celebration of Earth Day.

To the left here you can see the many, MANY packets of seeds shoved into a little tin bucket and a re-purposed recipe box, as well as two bags of seed potatoes and some onion sets.

My original seed storage was in that recipe box.  The seed packets were all alphabetized and filed in the box.  But seeds take up more space than recipe cards, so the box filled up quickly and was soon overflowing into paper bags, baskets and that little bucket there.  Many of the seeds we ordered this year came in packets that were a bit too big to fit in the box anyway.  And, with spring planting upon us I have been struggling to find everything I want to plant and I’ve even run across seeds that I bought last year that never made it in the ground because they had gotten lost in the shuffle.  I needed a new storage system, stat!

I wanted a storage container that can keep the seeds dry and dark, is well organized, and that all the packets can fit into easily.  I considered a basket, but I really wanted something with a lid.  In the end I settled for a photo storage box.  It’s paper board and I got it from Hobby Lobby for $4. It was supposed to come with twelve dividers, but there were only six, so I made a few more from some extra folders I had laying around.

Here’s what the seeds look like now.  I have a feeling this will get tweaked over time, but it’s much better than it was!


What have you organized this week?  Are you planning to do anything in the coming week?

This post is part of the Organizing Junkie blog party!  Check out here drawer organization this week.  I’m getting up the gumption to tackle my drawers soon.  Stay tuned!  To see what I’ve done in the last eight weeks, check out my other 20 Weeks posts!
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5 thoughts on “20 Weeks: Seed Storage

  1. The Bearded Iris

    That box is PERFECT for seeds! And I love the dividers. What a great idea!

    This is my first time here. Nice to meet you.

    • Anisa

      Welcome! And thanks – I think it’s going to work. I still have those potato and onions on the counter, but I won’t really be storing them long – they’ll be going in the ground aaannnnny weekend here. Nice to meet you too! Please link your blog next time, so other can check out your uh… “nice drawers.”

  2. Wow, what a great idea!! I never would have thought of that. The natural look of the photo box works out well too.


  3. Rita

    I just re-organized my seeds last week and was thinking of exactly this as a good organizational tool. I have 3 categories of seeds: veggies, flowers and herbs, so I would need at least 2 boxes, 1 for veggies and 1 for flowers. I have not gone shopping for my boxes yet, but I used binder clips to clip like seeds together and put them in a rectangular basket for now.

  4. allysgrandma

    What a great idea! I have seeds all over the place! Thanks for the tipi!

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