Still Working Towards Independence

So I know it’s been a while since you’ve seen an Independence Days update.  Since October I think.  Well we’ve still been working, just nothing consistent over the winter, and no planting since that last post either.

My friend Annie has been keeping track through the winter and I am so impressed by her.  I thought I’d finally update what we’ve had in the last two weeks or so.  Also – I’ve totally lost count of the weeks (somewhere in the 40’s, I’m sure).  So going forward no more counting… just updates as they come.

Plant something – nothing yet.

Harvest something – eggs!  Some of the hens have started up laying again.  Hooray!  Two eggs last week, so far, another eight this week.  Yippee!

Preserve something – turkey stock – that’s all.

Waste Not – compost and recycling, scraps to chickens, etc.  Kept up the meal planning – 6 weeks straight now!  Made some turkey stock from the bones of a turkey and some rather limp veggies from the bottom of the fridge.  Went through the boys’ clothes and toys again.  Also sorted through Rick & my closet.  With a small house I just don’t have room to keep this stuff around.  So some other lucky kids will benefit from the Goodwill donations.  I did pull about 8 jackets and sweatshirts that I’m going to take to the used kids clothing shop to sell.  They usually buy that stuff, and for some reason, this season we ended up with a kajillion jackets for each kiddo.

Want Not – ordered seeds!  Hip hip hooray! – More on this below.  Also we got black-out/thermal drapes for the boys’ room.  They have old wooden single pane windows back there, and although we put up storm windows and the plastic, they were still freezing cold.  We hung up one set of curtains on one window and put a quilt over the other window (we’re waiting to hang the second set until we move their room around when E leaves the crib soon).  But just that little change has made a huge difference in the temperature of their bedroom.

Build Community Food Systems – Our neighbor ordered potato seeds for us to share and we got the corn and beans and carrots he wanted.  Plus we ordered veggies for our space, and based on some hopeful swapping with some friends, even modified what we were going to plant in some areas.  🙂

Also blogged about Non-GMO seeds and that sparked a conversation on Facebook with a friend who is working on her first garden at her home.  A little something.

Eat the Food – Turkey from the freezer.  Chiles, corn, jalapeño powder, pickles, frozen tomatoes, peaches, plums, elk, grouse, pheasant, beans and jams all getting used.  We’re really working through the freezer this year.  Our onions, garlic, potatoes, winter squash, strawberries and raspberries are all completely gone already.

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5 thoughts on “Still Working Towards Independence

  1. I’m glad your chickens are laying again. We had some lean weeks when it was super cold, but we are still getting tons of eggs. I’m worried they will start molting soon and we will be without. We try to sell enough to buy the next bag of feed, too. Isn’t it the greatest thing to go in the coop and find FOOD?! Chickens are awesome….

  2. Anisa

    Thanks Noelle – Our chickens molted over the winter this year. Our flock is pretty well established. In fact we still have two of our original chickens (hatched in 2007), one of which didn’t lay hardly a thing last summer. We’ve really been on the fence about keeping her around another summer. She has a name (only the first ones did), but we really don’t have much space to keep non-producing hens. The food is the important part… just not sure I’m tough enough to off the named birds. The other three (nameless and hatched in 2009) are still going strong.

  3. I’m happy our chickens started laying again…there is nothing like homegrown anything, but especially eggs…they are so tasty! and baking is a dream with them.

  4. Thanks for the update and the nod!
    Where do you take the kids clothes for resale?

  5. Anisa

    Annie – I take them to Once Upon A Child. They just buy them outright. I think I could get more $$ if I consigned them, but that is too much hassle for me. Do you know any other places?

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