Please stick with me….

…pretty please!?!?

OK, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve REALLY been having a tough time keeping up with my blog lately.  So what have I been doing?  Well, mostly between parenting and checking Facebook, I’ve been studying to get my CBE test complete, finishing a few sewing projects (coffee cozies, a blanket for H, another mei tai), getting a location and dates set up for my futures classes, picking my business name and buying a domain, working on my site content, starting a fan page on FB, and setting up a birth-focused blog (no, I’m not leaving this one, just going to have two!).  So mostly birth stuff, I guess.

I’ve been going in and out of feeling completely overwhelmed and totally excited.  Sometimes I just can’t wait and other times I think I must be crazy.  But I am close, oh so close, to being done.  Really. Truly.  I know I’ve been saying that.  But really.  Nearly there.

There was a local article about birth today on  Water birth at University hospital.  So nice to see positive media for this kind of thing…..  More Expectant Moms Choosing Water Birth at Local Hospital

Look for some changes to this here bloggy soon, as well as my new site announcement coming up.  In the mean time, I scheduled a few Thrifty Thursday tips and such to keep you around, if you’re still checking after this long hiatus I’ve had.  Missed you all.

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6 thoughts on “Please stick with me….

  1. Glad to hear things are moving right along! Looking forward to the big unveiling!

  2. Rick

    I, for one, can vouch for the crazy lady not being able to find time for anything…

    There are still 3 seasons of x-files to be watched, a compost bin to be constructed, and let us not forget that in a month and a half there comes a wonderful thing called the garden.

    I think she might go crazy first though.

  3. Oh, let’s go crazy together… I’ll race you there!

  4. Anisa

    Sounds fun – but you may have a head start – you have twice as many kiddos as I do, you are home schooling them daily, AND you are working…… I’m exhausted just typing it! And you still have time to knit?!??! 🙂

    I’m REALLY going to miss you at the farm this year, Annie. 😦

  5. Anisa

    lol… ok that last part of my comment. Like either of us have time for the farm!

  6. oh GOOD GRIEF. but you are SUPER mom, you’ll be just fine. at least you will not be one of ‘those’ moms that will say: who has the time for that? you choose what you want to make time for, find balance/peace and press on. i’m going to duck now just in case any shoes are going to be thrown my way. and yes, PLEASE make time for the garden, might need some more tips from you guys this year – AGAIN. loves!

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