Chick Season

Oh what fun!  Today Rick & I went to Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply to buy chickens!  Yes you read that right… to buy chickens.  It’s chick season.  We are wanting 3 pullets (hens under 1 year old) to call our own, so we can have an endless supply of fresh, organic eggs.  Plus it just seems like fun! 

The store was huge and there was tons of cool stuff there.  Enough to make me long even more for the rural life.  But we did not buy our chicks.  We were wanting an Aruacana (a.k.a. “an Easter egger”) and two Rhode Island Reds.  (These are breeds of chickens, for you urban types).  I had called ahead to verify that they had these breeds in stock, but when we got there, they did not.  They’ll be getting more in on Sunday, so you’ll have to check back for chick-pics next week.  We ended up leaving with a shiny new chicken feeder and waterer though, so we’ll be ready when they come in!

Last Sunday, I went to Tea at the Brown Palace to celebrate my sister’s birthday.  That was a fun time indeed.  Fancy-schmancy pastries and tea sandwiches with scones and Devonshire cream.  All served along side a pot of your favorite loose-leaf tea.  We had a grand time.  Something I’d like to do again if I get the chance.  We had a good time being girly, and the champagne was not bad either.  I hope my sister enjoyed it thoroughly.  I know I did.

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3 thoughts on “Chick Season

  1. aschell

    Oh, I almost forgot. You should check out “The Chicken Project” (see my side bar for the link). It’s a web page of an urban family’s decision to buy some chicken’s for their backyard. Very Inspiring!

  2. Amy

    Is there any laws against having Chickens in town? That is a great idea!

    love you!

  3. aschell

    All cities have difference ordinances. In Englewood, you are allowed fowl, but they don’t want noise disrupting the neighbors (i.e. no roosters). So we asked our neighbor & promised to share eggs, and decided to get three hens!

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