Ah!  The weather’s been so nice!  Yesterday, Rick and I decided it was time to shake off the winter dust, and get outside in the garden!  We laid out a couple of blankets and put H down in the shade so he could join us.

This brought out the neighbor from across the street.  The first time we’ve met her!  She brought a cute little stuffed lion for H sat down in the grass and chatted with us for a while.  Mark, another neighbor came home, saw us, and came to chat too.  Then Doug (the guy next door) waved hello, and the mom on the other side said hello too.  This is the most neighbors I’ve ever seen at once in our neighborhood and we’ve lived here, for going on four years!  It was great!

We spent the whole afternoon cleaning up my five flower beds, while H merrily batted at his toys or snoozed in the shade.  We intended to get peas planted in the veggie garden, but alas, the flower beds were a much bigger project than we anticipated!

I realized how much I had neglected the beds last summer while I was pregnant.  But how refreshing to be out in the sun, getting dirt under our fingernails again.  Even digging out the invasive crab grass, barely seemed like a chore.  I am so happy spring is here!

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