Here I Am…

So here it is…. my blog.  The idea that anyone would want to sit and read what I have to say is a little foreign to me, but as Eleanor Roosevelt said, “We must do the thing we cannot do.”  SO I am writing. 

It’s something I want to do…  All my friends seemed to have scattered to other parts of the country, so it seems like a good way to keep in touch.  And it’s something I’m afraid to do…  I love to write, but I am a bit unsure if what I have to say is worth documenting and putting out there for all to read. 

I guess we’ll see!  Stay tunned…

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One thought on “Here I Am…

  1. Robyn Rothe

    My friend. Glad to see that I can still keep in touch with you. You will have to teach me how to do all this fun stuff. Is it free? I like being able to share who I am for others to see. You have always been a great writer and I know that you have wanted to do it sense we were little.
    Love you

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