Jeepers Creepers…



Look at our new Peepers!

chicks.JPG   supper-time.JPG  

Yesterday we brought home our new little chick-chick-chickadees!  The plan was to get three chicks… two Rhode Island Reds and one Araucana, but the store didn’t have the RIR’s in yet.  I didn’t want to bring home one lonely little chick, so I got a Buff Orpington to go with my Araucana.  SO after next weekend when the RIR’s come in, we’ll have four chicks total.

Now we just need to come up with their names!  The Araucana is the one that looks like a chipmunk.  She will, one day, lay green eggs.  I really think we should name her something in honor of Dr. Suess, but I havn’t come up with anything I love yet.  Last night I did catch Rick calling her Princess Fluffer-Cup though.  😉 

The Buff is the little yellow chick (duh, since she the only other chick we have).  I picked her because her tag said she was winter hardy and had a “quiet disposition.”  And so far, she’s a little doll.  If you put your hand down in their box, she just hops right up on it.  It’s so cute! 

I’ve drawn and re-drawn a couple of different coop designs.  Now Rick & I just have to narrow it down and build one.  The chicks have to live inside until they have their feathers (a good 6 weeks or so), so we have a little time to decide.  In the mean time they’ve been exploring their box.  So far they’ve discovered a string, some grass and a twig.  All placed there by me of course.  Supposedly it helps them not be bored and therefore peck at eachother less.  And I can already see that our little Fluffer-Cup’s trying to establish herself as the top of the pecking order.

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2 thoughts on “Jeepers Creepers…

  1. Jenny TwiZZ

    The chicks are so cute!

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