Need Help Getting Started?

Last spring, a friend approached me for help in starting her first garden.  She had moved to a new house and wanted to grow some veggies with her kids.  And she wanted some guidance on how and what to plant.  I had a lot of fun planning the layout of her space and helping her with the planting (mostly pointing and such – I was pretty pregnant last spring).  Then she insisted on paying me for the work.  I felt a little awkward taking money for something I didn’t feel that I was an expert on, from a friend that I would have helped anyway.  But she really encouraged me to think about doing a little garden planning for people as a business.

I let that idea rattle around for a while.  And then another friend suggested I do the same thing.  And then a month ago another friend suggested it to me.  So I started thinking that maybe I should listen to these voices, cheering me on to do something that I enjoy.  I do have a lot of people ask me for help with their gardens.  So without further ado, for locals only, I offer my services as a vegetable garden consultant.

My garden planning and consultation package includes:

  • Initial in-yard consultation
  • Garden layout with scale drawing and crop suggestions
  • Support through your first growing season
  • Follow up consultation after the growing season is over

For the full details, check out my new Homesteader Helper page.

I have been gardening since 2004 and learning mostly through trial and error.  I am happy to share my experience with you, in the hopes that you will fall in love with your garden the way I have fallen for mine.  I hope too, that I can offer some guidance so that you won’t have to make all the mistakes we made at the beginning.

If you are in Colorado and intimidated by starting your first garden or need some help with just getting going, please consider hiring me to help!

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2 thoughts on “Need Help Getting Started?

  1. Good luck! I’m in the Atlanta area and I would love to do something like this once I get a little more experience. I’ve already got all my friends asking me questions as it is!

  2. Wish I were closer. 🙂 I’ve enjoyed exploring your blog!

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