Tree Update and My Newfound Love of Mulch!

The tree saga continues.  I had no idea when we started this project that it was going to take so long.  Of course, this spring has been unusually rainy and windy, preventing us do-it-yourselfers from safely hugging branches as we cut the tree down.  But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

A couple weeks ago we had a friend come help us get some of the higher up branches of the tree.  We were so grateful for Chris’ help.  He is a rock climber and used to work cutting down trees in the forest, so he came prepared with ropes and a super-light chain saw.  He cut down nearly all the top branches for us and helped Rick navigate them safely to the ground.  We have power lines on both the North and East sides of our yard, the neighbors garage on the South, and our own house to the West of the tree.  Not to mention the fence and the chicken coop.  It was quite a feat getting through that obstacle course.  Click the photos for best view.


Rick was able to get the last top branches down Memorial Day weekend on his own.  After the branches were down, I ran everything that would fit through the chipper and “finished” adding mulch to the garden.  I think I’m addicted to mulch.  It’s the first time we’ve used it and it looks so nice and defines the beds so well, and seems to be doing its job keeping weeds away (and certainly the mud!).  I’m an official mulch convert!


Now all we have left is the trunk and the main limbs.  They are huge, and will require a chainsaw, but thankfully they are out of range of the wires and other obstacles.  I’ve contacted a local mill to see about having the trunk milled into lumber.  We’re still trying to come up with a plan for the big limbs and branches though.  But… we’re almost done.  Almost.

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6 thoughts on “Tree Update and My Newfound Love of Mulch!

  1. Chibby

    Wow, it looks fabulous! How does the mulch break down? I seem to remember that green sawdust draws nitrogen out of the soil as it composts, but maybe that depends on timber type? I tend to use pea or barley straw as mulch, and it really makes a difference to the weeds, and seems to protect from frost, which is an issue for us in winter.

  2. I love mulch! 🙂

    My Mister recently mowed the field next to our house for the first time this spring, so I went out and raked up a few spots to get enough grass clippings to fill one of my raised beds. Now as soon as the other seeds are up, I can mulch the other beds.

  3. Oh, I’m coveting your mulch right now…

  4. My husband and I use the grass clippings and leaves from the fall to make walkways and mulch around plants…the decomposition really helps with the soil fertility.

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