We Call it an Icebox

May 1st, we officially began our experiment.  We unplugged the fridge!  I was encouraged at how on-board Rick really was.  On Saturday night, he even made sure that we had jugs of water in the freezer, in order to be prepared for the first day using our freezer compartment as an icebox.

Yesterday was really only a half day with the new system.  I should have prepared better on Saturday by doing all the cleaning and stuff ahead of time, but I was distracted by trips to the garden center.  So, on Sunday morning, Rick cleaned out the freezer while I went to the grocery store.  When I got home, I cleaned out the fridge and we set up the new system in the former freezer compartment (what will from here on out be referred to as the icebox).  The actual unplugging took place around noon.

Here’s what the icebox looks like now.  This is our full week’s worth of refrigerated food, including two gallons of milk, a few condiments I wasn’t sure about leaving out, some leftover greens that we bought last week, and the eggs for my sister that were already in the fridge before.

I’ve done a little rearranging already, putting the less perishable items like carrots, in the door, and keeping the soft cheeses further back by the frozen water jugs.  Also, that container of left-overs on the very bottom left was promptly eaten by me after cleaning out the bottom of the fridge.  It was after lunch time and I was hungry!

I’ve actually had a hard time resisting the temptation to continually open the icebox to feel if things are cold in there, but I know keeping the door closed is crucial to the success of the experiment.  Rick has suggested getting a thermometer that we can keep in there so we won’t worry, and we’re going to experiment with different ice-jug configurations to make sure we’re making the best use of the space and coolness (is that a word??).  He also suggested that we keep the jugs on a towel or something, that way we won’t have to constantly be wiping down the interior of the icebox, since the jugs will probably sweat as they melt.  For someone who thinks I’m crazy, he seems awfully involved, huh?  I guess it’s not just me after all.

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10 thoughts on “We Call it an Icebox

  1. Thanks for updating on the experiment…it’s like camping out at your house!

  2. I’m eager to hear how this works for you. So much of our energy goes to refrigeration and freezer stuff. I’m not ready to go here yet but I like living vicariously through your experiment!

  3. Very cool!

  4. So excited to see how this goes! 🙂

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  7. I really like the way you think! The more I read about sustainability, foods & so much more, the more “little” changes my husband (also named Rick) and I make. We are dedicated to changing our lifestyle for the better for us, our children & our childrens’ children. The more we do today, the better chance future generations will have at enjoying our planet & their lives. We are the explorers of our age…learning how to live without destroying what we need to survive.

  8. you know….when you go out to the lake or camping and what not, you keep all kinds of foods in an ice chest….really nothing wrong with this at all.
    I’m sure my husband would have a fit if I told him I wanted to try it to save money though.
    We keep our central air set at 81 and my mom thinks we are crazy, that’s too hot….but you know what, it’s not…especially when the outside temps are in the triple digits as they have been for us most of June! Our electric bill is high, in my opinion, at $165 a month.
    He also will not allow me to do things like unplug the microwave, the tv, or even unplug the cell phone charger to save on the bill.

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