Independence Days – Week 6

Plant something – nothing (AGAIN!  UGH!)

Harvest something – eggs and dandelion greens

Preserve something – nothing

Waste Not – compost and recycling.  Also – been thinking that Rick’s biking to work might fall in this category, since it saves gas?  Gave away the old washer & dryer on Freecycle as well as a few very tired cloth diapers.

Want Not – Rick roto-tilled the garden and the place where we’re going to plant Concord grapevines this year.  So excited!  Also, I found a place to make a new cover for our bike trailer for less than a replacement cover from the maker would have been if a cover were available (it’s not).  This is so great since we love this trailer and I got such a good deal on it.  (And we use the bikes so much in the summer). 

Build Community Food Systems –  nothing

Eat the Food – some pickles, tomatoes, pesto, pork shoulder, peaches….. trying to eat exclusively from the pantry & freezer this week since I feel a little meated out (with all the beef and chicken we ate over the last month or so).

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One thought on “Independence Days – Week 6

  1. You’re so good at those waste not/want not categories! You encourage me. I have to say, the last two weeks when I wrote my draft summary, there was “nothing” in the Plant Something category. And then I thought, why not? and planted a few seeds each time. So this has been a useful trigger for my week. Thanks for getting me started!
    Oh, P.S.: you can totally come Raspberry Picking with us– it’s about 10 minutes from our house.

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