Independence Days – Weeks 4 & 5

I realize this report is late late late.  I’ve already started documenting week six for us as well, but I wanted to get these past two weeks posted, so I’m not SO far behind.

It’s been a busy couple weeks here at the homestead, and we still have nothing in the ground.  But good friends were in town, and we were able to see them and spend some fun time together.  I did contact someone about a dairy cow share (though it is SO expensive, I’m not sure if we’ll do it).  And I was able to get some yummy fruit!

I’ve struggled finding blog writing time, though I am finding I have a bit more to say these days.  Now if only I could manage to get both boys to nap at the same time, I might get to write it.

Plant something – nothing

Harvest something – eggs

Preserve something – nothing

Waste Not – compost and recycling

Want Not – Week 4: sold my small size cloth diapers.  Yay for recouping some of the cost, and rebuilding the kiddos bank account.  Also finally joined free cycle.  Planning on offering a few things on there next week.

Week 5: Rick finished the compost bin.  Unfortunately, H & Josie are fascinated with it and keep opening it up and then the chickens join in and we end up with compost over half the yard… so still a work in progress I guess on that front.

Build Community Food Systems – Week 4: 30 # organic heirloom tangelos from Arizona.  A farm friend got a bunch of boxes all at once and shared with friends.  And they are SO good!

Week 5: I called the landlord of the four-plex across the alley from us.  We’ve noticed that over the last few years, although they have a lovely mature green grape vine nobody ever harvests them.  So we asked and he said we could help ourselves (not sure if this really benefits anyone but us, but at least the grapes won’t be wasted)!

Eat the Food – used the last of the carrots and asparagus, two hams at Easter, tangelos for the ham glaze, can’t remember what else…

Um – also so big this week, I received my certification to teach!  yay!  I’ve went ahead and ordered my business cards and some charts!  Yay yay!!!

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2 thoughts on “Independence Days – Weeks 4 & 5

  1. Wow! No wonder you didn’t have time to post!

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