2010 Independence Days – Week 3

Plant something – we have volunteer spinach & lettuce!  (ok, I know that’s not planting, but yay)!  We did hit the garden center this week and came home with bucu seeds.  So far, I’m sad to say, nothing new has hit the dirt – but I’m not supposed to post what I haven’t done! 

Harvest something – eggs had a banner week for 2010 thus far: aprox 27!

Preserve something – nothing

Waste Not – compost and recycling. Rick worked on the compost bin construction this weekend.  It should be done next week! 

Want Not – so fortunate – Rick’s grandparents gave us a gift certificate to the garden center for Christmas, so we used two-thirds of it on seeds this week.  We have a little left to go towards tomato plants and any flowers I may want come April/May.  Also – we got a packet of seeds from Rick other grandpa – kholrabi from Slovakia!  These seeds are super special and we are so excited to plant them! 

Build Community Food Systems – served up all that green chili (I made aprox 3 gallons last Saturday) on Tuesday. 

Eat the Food – asparagus soup again (we had friends over),  carrots from the freezer for corned-beef & cabbage on Wednesday and pot roast on Friday (this was a beefy week – very unusual, we NEVER buy beef!),

No recipe to share this week.

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2 thoughts on “2010 Independence Days – Week 3

  1. roostershamblin

    http://roostershamblin.wordpress.com/ would you please spend a few minutes reading my blog about all things chicken. I have been raising more than 50 breeds of chickens 40 years.

  2. great report anisa.

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