Independence Days – Week 6

Short and sweet today…

Plant Something – I planted a lot of mellons on the farm this week.  Otherwise, I didn’t plant anything here in our garden.   

Harvest Something – Spinach, lettuce, a radish, eggs

Preserve Something –  Strawberries are on the docket today.  I bought a bunch, and if I don’t eat them all first, I’ll try to make some jam.  🙂

Reduce Waste – The usual… chickens, compost, recycling, etc. 

Preparation and Storage – This week I signed up for a veggie canning/jam making class in July.  I’m actually going to get to go for sure (not just on the waiting list), so I’m very excited about that!

Build Community Food Systems – still spreading the word about the Englewood Farmers Market.  Otherwise, nil. 

Eat the Food – The stuff we harvested, plus pork as usual.  We also used some more of the anchos left in the freezer.  Here’s a quick recipe for green chile mayo, tasty on burgers:

In a food processor, put 1 cup of mayonnaise, 4 (or so) garlic cloves, 2 roasted, peeled and chopped ancho chiles, and a tablespoon of lime juice.  Process until smooth.  Taste, and add more of anything you think it might need.  Yum!

Also, a side note, my ‘Independence Days – Week 4’ post was generating a lot of spam for some reason, so I took it down.  If you want the recipe I had posted (a pasta sauce), just send me a note!

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One thought on “Independence Days – Week 6

  1. jenny

    What want pictures, not verbose literatures! Just kidding!!! I’m a visual person, as you know and I’d love to SEE, especially since I’m so far away.


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