Quick! Before anyone notices!

I read this article this morning by the Associated Press, saying president Obama has a meeting today to discuss healthcare.

I hope the president’s meeting today goes well (for the people, not the industry).  But this has to be my favorite part of the article (emphasis mine):

The industry groups are trying to get on the administration bandwagon for expanded coverage now in the hope they can steer Congress away from legislation that would restrict their profitability in future years.

Insurers, for example, want to avoid the creation of a government health plan that would directly compete with them to enroll middle-class workers and their families. Drug makers worry that in the future, new medications might have to pass a cost-benefit test before they can win approval. And hospitals and doctors are concerned the government could dictate what they get paid to care for any patient, not only the elderly and the poor.

Ok, so the insurers don’t want any competition, because… right now they have a monopoly?  Isn’t that illegal?  And they don’t want drugs cost-benefit ratio tested??  So, what, you can’t afford your meds, you just die?  And doctor’s afraid of getting dictated to what they can charge?  Please!  I worked in a doctor’s office… the insurance companies are already doing this to the doctors! 

Check out the article, there’s another gem in there as well.  It actually says that there’s a sense among some of the health care industry and provider groups that “now may be the best time to act before public opinion, fueled by anger over costs, turns against them.”

Wait, do they actually think we like not having a choice, exorbitant care and prescription costs, and inflated premiums with low coverage??  Do they think we haven’t noticed?

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One thought on “Quick! Before anyone notices!

  1. Tim Dickinson

    Thank you Anisa!!! (c: Unfortunately, most people didn’t notice. This is why I firmly believe in a free market: one free of insurance companies (a.k.a. extortionists).

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