Time for an Update

So, I’ve been doing this blogging thing for two years now (well, two years next month).  And I’ve had the title “Journeys and Adventures” the whole time.  But I’ve been feeling like it just doesn’t fit anymore.  I need an update!  Like a new hair cut or a great new shirt… it’s time for a change! 

But to what?

I’m thinking some sort or garden or green theme.  Like “How Our Garden Grows” or… I don’t know.  Not too cheesy, but something that speaks to what the blog has become about.  Family, the garden, food… I do a lot of posts on our weird hippie lifestyle. 

Any suggestions or ideas out there for me??

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3 thoughts on “Time for an Update

  1. I understand how you feel! I felt the same way last year – I’m into my 3rd year blogging (gasp, has it really been that long?). I read Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and that’s how I came up with my new blog name…I’ll keep an eye out for some catchy, hippy-ish titles!

  2. How about “Green Thumb”…for gardening and saving folks green dollars or…”Garden Digs”. I’ll think about it.
    Katie Jean

  3. Anisa

    Last night Rick was throwing around ideas involving “dirt.” It was cracking me up! Some thing with roots in it maybe?? I feel like it’s there on the edge of my brain, waiting for me to grab it! Ugh! 🙂

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