Sprouting Ideas!

I recently read this post on the Green & Clean Mom blog about Sprouting.  I have never heard of this before, but it’s something I can’t wait to try! 

I love the idea of quickly growing something edible in the kitchen during the winter months.  I know I would certainly eat more greens throughout the winter if I had them fresh and readily available in my kitchen every couple of days! 

Check out Green & Clean Mom’s blog for a basic overview of growing all kinds of bean sprouts in your own kitchen.  It’s very inexpensive (especially when compared with the cost of a little box of organic sprouts at the grocery store), and it looks very easy.  And for more info, just put ‘sprouting’ into Google and you’ll find tons of how-to and DIY sites that can lead you through, step-by-step as well. 

I’ll post a picture of my own sprouts in just a few days!

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