Yummy Fun!

cookie-exchange-20081This weekend was the third annual Girl’s Cookie exchange… what fun!  We had a few newbies this year: Michelle, Emily and Terri; as well as old friends: Rach, Genny, and Jenn.  It was a really great time. 

Jenn hosted this year, and made home made eggnog and hot chocolate with all the trimmings, from marshmellows to schnapps and Bailey’s to spike it with.  She had A Christmas Story playing in the background while we all chatted the night away. 

I love this event… a fun tradition.  But after heading to the car at 12:30am, we’ve all decided we need more excuses to get together during the year to catch up!  I really enjoyed the discussion, and gettig to know my friends better and deeper.  It’s a cool, important thing. I love how we were all so comfortable being real and honest and able to share. 

Not to mention the loot I brought home.  In exchange for the pizzelles, I got gingerbread cookies, oatmeal white chocolate chip cookies, peppermint bark, banana bread, friendship tea and tons more.  Delish! 

Then last night, we headed to the Springs to spend time with our close friends, Mark & Kali.  I love getting to hang out with them, and I wish we did it more… I wish we didn’t live an hour apart!  They spoiled us with a gorgeous dinner and we played an early game of canasta… we quit at 11:30pm.  Not bad, considering we’re usually there until the wee hours of the morning. 

Now for the week ahead… CHRISTMAS is upon us!  I have an interview today… I’m nervous and excited.  My in-laws are watching Henry for the day though, so I’ll be able to get a little last minute shopping done fairly quickly too.  Then come the big day.  And yes, I’m going to try to still get that Thrifty Thursday tip up… though it might be a day late or early.  🙂 


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5 thoughts on “Yummy Fun!

  1. Tawnya

    Interview for what kind of job? Details?

  2. great to see you at cookie exchange and thanks for driving! i want to hear all about your job interview and how it went, etc…..good luck! xoxo, rach

  3. Glad you got a picture of the goodies – we’ve been busy snacking them away that it didn’t even cross my mind. I will need to reference it on my next blog entry…and I too will be doing my Thifty Thursday tip! Merry Christmas!

  4. Jenn S.

    How did the interview go???? I’m dying to find out!

  5. Anisa

    Interview went good… I won’t hear from them until January… but I’ll share what I find out! Thanks! !

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