Good Friends, Good Ideas

snowballLast week, while reading through my friends’ blogs, I came across this post by Genny, that was so clever, so ingenious, I simply couldn’t believe that no one I knew has thought of this before!  The idea is called “Thrifty Thursday Tips,” and Genny got the idea from her sister, who was doing this, inspired by an old school mate. 

These women all have two kids (or one with one more on the way), and are trying to make it in this day and age on only one income.  So, like our family, they are always looking for more ways to be frugal, and stretch their family dollars.  After a phone call to Genny to rave about her idea, she told me she wouldn’t mind if I shared the idea of Thrifty Thursdays on my blog too. 

Genny’s first Thrifty Thursday Tip was on making your own liquid laundry detergent.  The cost of making your own deterent is something like $0.007 cents per load.  That means if you typically buy a container that washes 64 loads, you could wash the same amount of clothes for only $0.45.  That’s right, 45 CENTS!  You can bet, I’m going to try the recipe.

I know so many families like ours, trying to cut it on one income, always looking for ways to get just a little more bang for our precious few bucks.  And in this economy, I think all of us, kids or not, married or single, could use a few new ideas to save some cash. 

I started thinking, why not put it out there… what Tips do you have to share?  What does your family do to cut costs?  I will be brainstorming some ideas to share weekly too, but I would LOVE to hear what YOU do to save!

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One thought on “Good Friends, Good Ideas

  1. Thanks for the props, lady! I’ll be looking forward to see what you’ll be writing about! I’ll let Tracy and Katie know that you’ll be contributing on Thursdays too. I have their blogs linked up on my latest entry.

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