Sad Day…

daisyI regret to post that yesterday morning at about 3:45am, Daisy the chicken lost her life.  We had another fox attack, and we were not so lucky this time.  We heard the fox in time to chase it away before it could get away with it’s meal, but alas, “Yellow Chicken” didn’t make it.  She is survived by Mayzie, Lavender, and Poppy (aka “Green Chicken,” “Gray Chicken” and “Red Chicken”).  Though her eggs will be missed, Her friends and family will carry on.  She will be remembered as the fat, fluffy one.  The one who was smart until Josie jumped on her once.  The broody one and the instigator.  Rest In Peace, Daisy, the Yellow Chicken. 

We did not eat her.  Rick still seeks revenge on the fox.

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2 thoughts on “Sad Day…

  1. Jenny

    So sad… 😦

  2. OH NO, i liked that chicken too!!!

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