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Well almost two weeks ago, we found a new home for our Susan the Terrible… he now lives up in Longmont at Roan Oak Farm.  It’s a horse farm, but the lady there has a ton of chickens, all free ranging, so Susan will have his pick of the ladies.  We put Susan on Craigslist, and she was the person we liked best.  Rick, H and I dropped him off and enjoyed watching the other farm animals there as well.  H was fascinated with a noisy goat that stood on top of his little house.  It was too funny.

Last weekend I went to my friend Nora’s baby shower.  The shower was beautiful, and Nora looked great.  I got visit with my friend Amy, who I worked with at the Sports Authority too.  I had a great time, despite the realization that I really am that weird hippy girl…. I was promoting natural birth and natural soap, and my gift to Nora…  a breast feeding support kit.  Oy!  Hehehe… oh well.  At least Nora is going for a Natural birth too… yay!  She will do awesome!

Today I met my friends, Kim and Genny, at the park with our kiddos to let them play together.  It was a really nice time, and we didn’t do much but sit and visit… but now I am pooped!  They were talking about the farmer’s markets they’ve been going to, and now I have a craving for peaches….  yum!  I’m going to have to hunt some down this weekend.   And Kim kidded me about Rick and I having our own farmers market with our garden and chickens (if they’d ever lay an egg!).  Wouldn’t that just be great!  I would love it!

I promised Kim a picture of the garden, so I’ll post one tomorrow morning.  It always looks best in the morning.  By this time of day (2:15pm) the squash plants are all droopy from the hot sun.

I’m so glad I married someone with such a green thumb!  And he has totally passed his love of gardening on to me.  I love it!

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One thought on “Hippie Chick

  1. Genny

    Oh, you got to see Amy?! I miss her, wonder how she’s doing now that she’s married and such.
    Today was a nice time to get together…although I felt like I missed out on a lot of the conversation in the beginning since I was chasing Isaiah around the park. I too am pooped!
    I will post those pics on my blog too when I get a chance – hopefully tonight.

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