Are you there???

Are you there?

Ok, so I’ve been neglecting the blog…. nothing since May!?!  

Do you love the curious close up of Mayzie & Lavender…. funny little hens.

One of our flock, Susan, started to take on some very roosterish traits.  She got a very red, prominent comb & wattle, which sometimes the hens in her breed do, and she was always the most aggressive and had the sharpest claws, which earned her the nickname “Susan the Terrible.”  But then, last week, she started to sprout the most beautiful green-black tail feathers that just flowed over her tail, and I started to realize that I had been in denial… Susan was a boy.  All week, Rick and I have been commiserating over what we are going to do with him.  And of course the most practical solution is to off him and invite the neighbor over for roast chicken.


Susan the Terrible

Rick’s been holding out on the hope that he’ll be a quiet rooster, never crow, and we can keep him… he is so pretty after all.  And Susan has spunk!  And why can’t we have a rooster, again?  We’ve talked about finding a 4-Her to give him to so they can show him off at the county fair.  But the fair started this week… too late.  And we’ve joked about re-christening him “Stew” or “Kenny” (think South Park).  But this morning, I think poor Susan sealed his fate.  I let the chickens out of the coop, as usual, and Susan ran across the yard to his favorite spot under the lilacs, stretched his wings and crowed three times, as clear as day.  **sigh**  He’s so pretty, it’s sort of a shame, but it is the fate of most barn yard creatures, and what God intended them for.  I guess chicken will be on the menu soon.

I’ll try not to wait so long between posts next time.

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