Coop Construction!

Well, it’s almost 100% complete!  Below are a few pictures of the process:

roost.jpg      nest-box-beginnings.jpg      nest-box-hung.jpg     coop-nest-with-siding.jpg     

The Finished Nest Box      Nest Roof for Egg Access      Coop on Legs     Inside Nest Box View      

Inside Roost View      Coop Open

Still to do:  Build the fenced-in run with gate, install coop window, add the ramp for the chicken door, and add just a little charm (paint, maybe an old tin “fresh eggs” sign, etc.).

Many, many thanks go to our awesome neighbor, Doug.  He gave us some old tin from his garage for the roof and a left over piece of plywood when we came up short!  Yay!!!  Thanks Doug!  You saved us a bundle!!

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6 thoughts on “Coop Construction!

  1. What a chicken coop! You should see our brother in law’s – it’s quite a site. However for someone who’s not construction inclined, it’s decent. Way to go you two! You definitely need a farm!

  2. Tim Dickinson

    I hope ours holds up as well as yours has after more than two years of use! (c: Great job!

  3. I love the external egg collection…that’s one of our next projects…and the outdoor run…and…and…and…

  4. Anisa

    Thanks City Sister – I wish I had documented the construction better back in 2007 – I went through a bunch of old posts last night since I added a DIY category – does it show up on feeds when I do this?
    We may be figuring out how to add a second nest soon. Since we are back up to eight hens with the new chicks, I’m not sure all eight will share the one box well.

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