Well Hello There Again…

Compost bins

So it’s been almost a month and my blog edits and updates are almost done.  I know that WordPress has been sending notifications every time I update an old post, and for this I’m sorry.  I haven’t been able to figure out how to turn those notifications off.  Some of the updates have been very minor, and it is annoying me that the updates are getting shown.  Hopefully you have enjoyed some of my old posts.

The main thing I was doing was taking some of my more personal posts down.  I was beginning to feel that my family, my kids in particular, were too exposed here on this blog.  There are still pictures and some anecdotes about them here on LazyHomesteader.com, because I feel that us being a family with young children is an important thing to show and a part of our story.  But the posts of their first steps, birthdays and other non-homestead related milestones have been removed.  Over 150 posts.

I started this blog six years ago, shortly after our oldest was born.  I had no idea at that time what our “little chicken experiment” would morph into.

I’m excited to share with you what has been going on with us here in Texas.  We have met some new people and our neighborhood actually has quite a few other chicken keepers.  Exciting!

With the move, however, I find myself going back to some basics when it comes to food.  Reading labels, menu planning, finding ways to reduce energy bills (oh how that A/C runs the bill up!).  I’m looking forward to catching up with you!

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3 thoughts on “Well Hello There Again…

  1. Cynthia in Denver

    I remember putting sheets in the freezer for the day, then putting them on right before going to bed. We have found since insulating our house that merely closing the windows and curtains mid morning until early evening keeps things around 70. I’m sure, however, heat here in Denver is bithing like what you have now in Texas!

  2. Heat is suprisingly the same here as there. Main difference is the humidity. While it is 95 and 10% humid in Denver, here it is 95 and 70% humidity (equaling about 107 in “realfeel”).

  3. Welcome to Texas! I just found your blog. We just moved a town away and left our established little garden behind. We are now starting from scratch too, but we have a lot more land to do it on then we did before. More trouble to get into! Good luck with everything. 🙂

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