Wild Elk and Venison Jerky on Northwest Edible

From the Native Americans to The Hunger Games, people have carried jerky.  You know that if the zombie apocalypse hits, you’ll want some too.

I’m so excited that Erica at Northwest Edible Life has allowed me to do a guest post on her blog about my favorite way to preserve meat.

Rick got this recipe from his mom.  All the men in Rick’s family are big-time hunters, and my mom-in-law is the designated jerky maker for the family.  Her sons, brothers and dad all drop meat off at her house to have her transform it into this good stuff.

I’m sharing the secret recipe over at Northwest Edible.

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5 thoughts on “Wild Elk and Venison Jerky on Northwest Edible

  1. Dyrewulf

    Reblogged this on 323 Archery Shoot and commented:
    I’m planning my batch of venison jerky, and what do I find? This wonderful article…

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  3. lindain71

    Hi Anisa,
    Nice practices! Thank you for your delicious food. That’s nice to see. I have tried a recipe very seems to this one, but instead of using a water pan I fill my pan with grit. Will this recipe work with venison? If not, do you have a tip to a venison recipe?

  4. thanks for the idea, I am going to try this too 🙂

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