20 Weeks: Boys Need Their Toys

They just need to have a home for them too! Welcome to week two of my 20 Weeks of Organizing Challenge!

I’ve always been pretty good about limiting the number of toys the boys have.  I used these baskets to keep them picked up.  At first we tried sorting the toys into specific baskets, but really, I just cared that they were contained.  Here’s the system we had going in the bottom of their closet:

It kept the toys picked up, but it still looked kind of messy. Now, we have this:

The shelf is about two feet wide, three feet high and one foot or so deep.  H picked the colors of the canvas bins.  The storage system was on sale at Target so we got the whole thing for under $70.  It’s kinda pricey for us, but all their toys, with just a very few exceptions, fit in there with a little room to spare.  The exceptions were their train set which are in the two yellow lidded boxes which stayed in the closet under the hanging clothing organizer, and the big ride-on truck which is also parked neatly in the closet.

We intend to get a second hanging clothing organizer (so there will be one each for H & E) and when we have that, I’ll show you the final “after” picture of the closet too.  The freed up baskets I plan to use for storing the bedding.  It’s actually done now – more on that next week.  Voilà!  “Boys Toys & Bedding Storage” crossed off the list.

What about you?  What did you organize this week?  Remember to link up your blog in my comments with pictures, or you can send me pictures of your space and I’ll post them here to inspire others!

To see what else I’ve organized, check out my other 20 Weeks posts!

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3 thoughts on “20 Weeks: Boys Need Their Toys

  1. Much better! I was thinking of getting one of these for each of my youngest, but there will have to be some severe toy-pruning first :/

  2. WOW! That looks great, Nik. I’m inspired for my girls room. However, I will first need to “Purge until it fits”. That may take a while. lol

  3. Anisa

    Thanks guys – so where are your projects?? Let’s see the pictures!
    As to the purging: three bags should do it – trash, recycle, donate. Do it when the girls are not there. I’m sure there’s stuff they’ll never miss unless they see you do it or you ask them first. That’s how it is with my kids anyway. 😉
    Ready… GO!

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