Inaugural Chicken Coop Tour

This weekend is a kick-off for the first annual Denver Botanic Gardens/Denver Urban Homesteading Chicken Coop Tour.  Think Parade of Homes, but for chicken coops.  There are 15 coops throughout Denver and the metro area participating in the tour.  We are coop number seven.

We are so excited to be participating.  By “we” of course I mean me and the chickens, since Rick is not really excited about 100 + people tromping through our yard and garden to see the digs.  😉  But it’s all in the name of raising awareness about urban agriculture.  And besides that, they wrote some nice stuff about us on the tour map…

“A coop from original design by Anisa, five chickens, bees, and a gorgeous front yard garden that the family has had for the last seven years is what makes this site a perfect example of backyard agriculture and livestock keeping.  Little Henry will show with pride his tomato plants, chickens and eggs.”

Seriously!?!?  How cool is that!  There has been a bit of media promoting the tour in the last few days.  Check out the piece FOX 31 did about the tour.  James Bertini with Denver Urban Homesteading is featured in the story.

ABC 7 News also reported on the tour, as well as making it into the Denver Post’s September 29th Food Calendar.  The WestWord comic section even poked a bit of fun at us.

Tho tour is tomorrow, October 2nd, from 11am to 4pm.  Maps can be purchased in person at the Botanic Gardens for $20 per group of four.  There is still time to purchase a map for the tour.  Contact Denver Botanic Gardens or Denver Urban Homesteading for details!

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6 thoughts on “Inaugural Chicken Coop Tour

  1. genny

    That’s awesome! Hope it’s a great turn out!!!

  2. That’s so great! I wish I could make the rounds and see them all.

    We are still trying to get our winter coop put up. Right now they are laying in their brooder and perching all the over the place at night. It’s working for now…but lots of poop everywhere! +)

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  4. My husband and I are getting chickens this spring! I loved reading about your chickens and I love the pictures!

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