Independence Days 2010: Week 15

Short one this week.  Have had some other weird issues going on.  Anybody who was in my email address book already knows my email and facebook accounts were hacked while we were on vacation.  Alas, I found out that they also have had other personal information since April, and, well.. it’s getting a bit messy.  Hopefully not too messy, but a pain regardless.

Plant something – we intended to plant quinoa and radishes, but to no avail this week.  Maybe next week, eh?

Harvest something – eggs, spinach, radishes, turnip greens, strawberries (I forgot to mention these last week too),

Preserve something – nada

Waste Not – compost and recycling, of course, scraps to chickens, etc.

Want Not – got a decent price on chicken at the store so we bought a few packs and froze them.

Build Community Food Systems – our friends came over to help us with the bees – not that this is us building the community, but we are participating in it!

Eat the Food – quinoa, turnip greens, radishes, spinach…

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One thought on “Independence Days 2010: Week 15

  1. Yum…
    Hope everyone feels better soon.

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