Thrifty Thursday: Reusable Produce Bags – for FREE!

Here’s a quick one that occurred to me as I was emptying the mandarin oranges into the fruit bowl last week.  Although I’ve been bringing my own reusable bags to the store for a while, I always cringe at the amount of plastic bags I still use for produce.  Luckily I grabbed the camera and now I can share an easy, no sew, way to have a reusable produce bag!

Step one: Empty your mesh bag of the produce that came with it.

Step two: Cut off the labels, including anything that has a bar code (don’t want your store checkout person to get confused).

Step three: Using an old piece of ribbon (this scrap came from something I was going to throw away anyway) to lace through the mesh around the hole you made to get the oranges out.  Tie the ends together.

Step four: Remember to bring with you to the store do you can reload you new/old bag with new produce that doesn’t roll around the cart all by its self any more!

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3 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday: Reusable Produce Bags – for FREE!

  1. Great idea! Thanks for the photo-tutorial. =)

  2. Clever! I’m pretty sure I stowed some bags away thinking I’d find a use for them…I’ll have to check!

  3. Robyn

    You are so smart. I love the ideas you come up with. I will start to use this. I too have always wondered how I could avoid using all those bags in the produce isle.

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