Thrifty Thursday: Good Trades

Here’s a quickie this week.  I know I’ve mentioned and Craigslist before, plenty of times.  But here are a couple more swapping sites to add to your thrifty lists:


Trade a Favor is a Facebook application.  Just add it to your Facebook page, list what favors you are willing to trade for (services, skills, items, etc.) and find a match.  This is a high-tech version of bartering people! 

Swap Thing is very similar.  Sign up is free through the site, and you can trade your things for someone elses things (or services), and you can use cash to offset the differences if your services is more or less valuable than theirs.

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One thought on “Thrifty Thursday: Good Trades

  1. thanks for sharing the linkage. swap thing looks quite cool, off to get close with it – ha. hugs!

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