Happy 40th

The Google tribute to Sesame Street turning 40 has been fun to watch.  In honor of our favorite muppets’ birthday I wanted to post this clip of Oscar the Grouch (when he was orange!!!) singing with Gordon (who had a ‘fro!) back in 1969.

Additionally, Aerosmith turns 40 this year.  Over the last couple of days there have been rumors of Steven Tyler leaving the band.  I truly hope not, but whether or not he still wants to rock with Joe Perry and the LI3, we do know this, the Demon of Screamin’ loves trash too:

So happy birthday to both Aerosmith and the gang a Sesame Street…. Rock on. 

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One thought on “Happy 40th

  1. AH, the days when oscar WAS orange – sigh.

    AND did you know that AEROSMITH has a song with ‘orange’ in it:

    ‘All of the cashmere all ORANGE & green’

    sad, but that was the ONLY thing i could think of to combine the two.

    cheers to 40!

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