Joe Perry Rocks

joe2Yet another reason to love Aerosmith… Joe Perry, Aerosmith’s lead guitarist gave an interview (and photo shoot) with Outdoor Life Magazine.  It’s a short interview, but PETA was quick to reveal their stupidity with comments on the article.  Sadly, PETA couldn’t even get the name of the magazine right. 

Joe talks about conservation, being in touch with nature, and taking opportunities to be outdoors, whether with his wife or shooting with Steven Tyler.  He mentions some interesting sounding (and some very cool) guns he’s been able to collect as well.  But my favorite quote of Joe’s: 

“But it (deer hunting) really gives you a great opportunity to  keep in touch with reality. Meat just doesn’t show up at the supermarket in Saran Wrap.”

**Swoon!**  Check out the whole interview (along with PETA’s hilarious and ridiculous statements) as well as the cool photo gallery (including the one I’ve posted here) by Gerry Bethge in:  Joey’s Got A Gun

This brings me to something else that I’ve been mulling over for the last few weeks.   You know that 101 in 1001 list over there on the right side of my page?  Well one of the items is successfully hunting an elk. 

I didn’t apply for a license this spring or anything, but I’ve been weighing some options… I think if I can borrow a gun, I’m going to get my hunter’s safety and an over the counter license for an elk for second season rifle in October. 

I won’t be able to actively go out on the mountain (I’ll have both the boys), but I thought that if the opportunity arrises, I’d be able to at least take a shot.  For example last year, I dropped Rick and his uncle and brother off at the top of the mountain, drove to the bottom of the mountain and waited for them to hike out.  While I was waiting, I saw three big cows (cow elk, not heifers) run out of the trees.  The guys had pushed them out, and no one was there to get one but me… with no license and no gun.  So, you know, if an opportunity like that winks me in the face a gain, I don’t want to miss it.  🙂 

I’ll keep you updated on that front.

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2 thoughts on “Joe Perry Rocks

  1. jenny

    Joe Perry does ROCK!!!

  2. my friend melissa and her husband JUST did that near aspen. they hiked out with an elk, took them 3 days but now they are cutting, packaging, etc.

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