Thrifty Thursday: Changing the Light Bulbs

Well I’ve actually managed to get a Thrifty Thursday tip posted…. it’s been a while!  This week’s is a simple one, so I’ll keep it short.  Switching your light bulbs from a traditional bulb to a CFL (compact florescent light) bulb.  These bulbs are a bit more expensive than a traditional bulb, but they last ten times as long.  And they use far less energy – there are reports of them saving $60 per year per bulb! 

Now the light given from these bulbs isn’t exactly mood lighting, but it’s really not bad.  We’ve switched all the bulbs in our kitchen, laundry area, basement, garage and porches.  My chandeliers won’t take them, but the two lights on our nightstands have them as well.  It’s great for work areas as well since the light is quite bright. 

They’ve been in our porch lights for nearly two years now and we still haven’t had to replace them… worth the extra price tag right there (since we leave the porch lights on all night for security). 

The only catch with a CFL – you have to be careful when disposing them.  They can’t go in the garbage because they contain mercury.  So make sure, when the time comes, to take the to a proper recycling center.

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