Independence Days – Week 12

Plant Something –  Another round of turnips… to make up for the lost crop (see below). 

Harvest Something – Our first few (eight total) cherry tomatoes this week!  Hooray!  And cucumbers for making pickles!  Yum!

Preserve Something –  Rick sliced and froze 24 pounds of yellow squash this week.  I also made a jar of jam and a jar of pickled veggies! 

Waste Not – Unfortunately, we had a big FAIL in this category this week.  The turnips matured during my early postpartum weeks with Emmett, and neither Rick or I found the time to get out there and harvest them.  Rick picked them all this weekend, and they are all pretty bitter and some are quite woody.  Such a loss too, since the ones we did harvest earlier were so sweet and good. 

Preparation and Storage – We put up 13 jars of pickles… I can’t wait until mid-September when we can open a jar to see how they turned out!

Build Community Food Systems – I was able to take that pickle/jams class, and I’m happy to say our jam was delish!  I learned a lot, and just in time since our cukes are coming on strong!  We also shared some veggies when we were invited to dinner.  Our host made a chef’s salad, and we brought red onion, fennel and a couple of cucumbers to share. 

Eat the Food – um… my post is late, so the recipe will have to be an IOU this week.  But we have been enjoying all the farm veggies, and our own zucchini and cucumbers!

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One thought on “Independence Days – Week 12

  1. UM YEAH, you just had a baby so i think it’s okay to owe us a recipe huh! we finally picked our first zucchini and crooked neck summer squash? rich found an awesome recipe for a squash casserole. in fact, i’m going to rush to eat the last of it and then i will post the recipe on my blog – YUMMERS!

    looking forward to going to the farm with you tomorrow, thank YOU!!!

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