Pullet Surprise!

Little ChickensDid you know that little chickens lay little eggs?  About three days ago, Rick found an itty-bitty egg in the nest box.  And one each day since.  Either we have one pullet trying on her egg-laying shoes, or they are all gearing up to be omelet producing hens. 

We were really surprised that they are laying so soon… it took our hens until the end of August to start laying the year they were pullets, and even then, it was inconsistent and they were really spread out for a long time.  We weren’t expecting any for another month or two.  Three in  a row already this year is pretty exciting!

egg scalelittle eggsHere are two of them with an egg from our adult Aracauna (Mayzie).  As well as a close up view of one of the newbie eggs next to one of Poppy’s big brown eggs.  Quite a difference!  I wish I knew which of the Rhode Island Reds were laying them!  

The eggs will continue to get bigger over the next year until they are nice and large like the ones our adult hens give us. 

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4 thoughts on “Pullet Surprise!

  1. jenny

    They’re so cute!

  2. dawnrobison

    I have had chickens my whole life and am amazed with your findings. How fun

  3. dawnrobison

    OK, a few weeks ago, I too have baby eggs. Today was the first day I got 3 eggs from all 3 girls though!!!

  4. Anisa


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