Urban Homesteading – Denver’s New Trend?

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a writer for the Denver Post.  He was doing an article on Urban Homesteading.  Cool!  Yes I was interested in talking to him (and thrilled he might be interested in talking to me, just based on my blog here).  After a few emails back and forth, he ended up not being able to meet up with Rick and I as scheduled… his deadline was too close. 

However, I wanted to share the article with you all.  Looks like there’s a trend going here in the Mile High City.  Glad to say we’re more than three years into it ourselves… And cool to see others in Englewood (my town) and other places in the Denver-metro area that are doing it too.

Check out the article: Green (1/8) Acres Sprout in the City by Douglas J. Brown.

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4 thoughts on “Urban Homesteading – Denver’s New Trend?

  1. So cool! This was so awesome to see such a positive article about urban homesteading. I know it is our dream to have lots of land someday, but in the meantime we will maximize the land in town that we have.
    Katie Jean

  2. dawnrobison

    I just read you 101 in 1001. I am absolutely amazed. So much time and thought put into that list. I have been inspired to make my own. Congratulations for the items that you have completed and good luck for the ones on the way.

  3. sandra

    www .greenpeace. org

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